Giving Thanks

“Perhaps the deepest thing in me is a belief in the oneness of the human family.” Killian Noe, Recovery Café Cofounder

As many of us pause for Thanksgiving, all of us on the Network team reach out to all of you in the Recovery Café Network, and all of you who care for and support this growing Network, to say thank you.

Our hearts are full when we think of you. Those of you in the Network create spaces where all are welcome, where all feel safe, and where all are reminded of their deepest identity. You see that identity even when those walking in your Café’s doors have all but forgotten who they are. And when you see that in others, you create the opportunity for them to reclaim their deeper identity and to remember, “Oh yeah, I do have something to contribute to this community. Oh yeah, I am lovable. Oh yeah, I have love to share.” 

Recovery Café Network team members along with three leaders from Nueva Vida Recovery Café (CA).

From that place anything is possible – forgiveness, recovery, restored relationships, even the recognition of the oneness of the human family.

When given a gift, we say thank you. And when we step back from it all and consider this life, name something that is not a gift. The black-capped chickadee flitting about in the shrubs outside your window; the bread at your table; the friend whose voice makes you smile; your next breath; your beloved pet underfoot; fall colors; your Café community; connecting authentically with someone you thought was “other.”

Nothing had to be, but it all is. These are all gifts. And you are a gift to us and so, again, we say thank you. May all of us rest in the truth of our deeper identity.

The RCN Team

Some of the team that make the Network and RC Seattle go; plus, Becky (in red) from RC Longmont!