What We Are About

The Recovery Café Network is committed to nurturing groups seeking to start recovery communities based on the Recovery Café model. Through a cohort learning model, groups and organizations will be provided mentorship, materials, expertise, and facilitated learning experiences to create a recovery community in their area.  The Network is committed to helping those who join the Network as an Emerging Member be successful in starting their program, building recovery capital in their communities, and becoming certified as Full Members of the Network.

The Network creates the structure for us to teach each other about what does and does not work. It also creates a platform to generate greater resources. Recovery Café Network is built upon a foundation that incorporates best practices informed by lived experience and the latest academic research. With this groundwork, the RCN brand is one from which every Member of the Network benefits.

Every Emerging Member and Full Member of the Recovery Café Network is dedicated to these Core Commitments:

  • Create a community space that is drug and alcohol free, embracing, and healing
  • Nurture structures of loving accountability called Recovery Circles
  • Empower every Member to be a contributor
  • Raise up Member leaders
  • Ensure responsible stewardship 
  • Work to end systemic racism and socioeconomic inequality so every person can thrive

Recovery Café Network uses a social licensing model in our replication efforts. Every Member organization receives a license to open and run a Recovery Café in their community. We seek to partner with groups or organizations with a minimum of 2-3 people that believe in our Core Commitments, support multiple pathways to recovery, have experience in recovery, and can devote the time and resources necessary to bring a Recovery Café to life.

Brief History

Recovery Café Network grew out of an increasing number of requests from nonprofit organizations and faith communities for support and guidance in their desire to create a recovery support center in their cities based on the Recovery Café model.

After investing much time and energy sharing with these groups everything we had learned since we began, we concluded it would be more effective if we gathered committed groups together in a “learning cohort” to learn not only from us in Seattle, but from each other.

In 2016 we launched the first official cohort of the Recovery Café Network with five groups called “Emerging Members.”  Since then, we have deepened the design and systematized the structure for sharing our model with the help of the International Center for Social Franchising. We use a social licensing model where every Emerging Member and Full Member receives a license to operate the Recovery Café Network model.

We launch our learning cohorts each April and October.

How It Works

To begin the journey of bringing the Recovery Café Network model to your community, please fill out the inquiry form under Become a Network Member. Submitting that inquiry begins the conversation with the RCN team. We will work with you to determine next steps and discern the right time for you to join a learning cohort. Through this conversation, your group will learn more about our recovery model and will be invited to submit an application to become an Emerging Member. It is our hope that the application process will be helpful in the development of your business and strategic plans.

As an Emerging Member organization of the Recovery Café Network, your team will benefit from a multitude of training and resources over the next two years. Furthermore, an Emerging Member will be able to use the Recovery Café Network branding on their website and fundraising efforts.

The cost to become an Emerging Member for two years is $10,000 per group. Payment is accepted in two installments: $5,000 at the beginning of your first year and $5,000 at the beginning of your second year. In collaboration with the Recovery Café Network staff, your group can use your benefits at a schedule that makes the most sense for your organization’s development during your two years as an Emerging Member.

At the end of the two years, each Emerging Member will be evaluated on how they have implemented our model and adhered to the Core Commitments. At the end of that process, it is our hope they will be certified as a Full Member and granted a Recovery Café Network license to be reevaluated every three years that entitles each Full Member to continued support and use of the Recovery Café Network brand.