Cohort Launch 11 Welcomes Nine New Cafés!

COHORT LAUNCH! There’s little at the Network that inspires more wonder, excitement, and smiles than welcoming a group of new leaders from new Recovery Cafés across the country! Just last week nine communities joined the Network team for two days of learning, small group conversations, and community building for our 11th Cohort Launch!

The nine new Recovery Cafés (RC) join the current 49 Cafés from around the country and Canada. As RC cofounder Killian Noe describes it, “The Recovery Café Network is a family of Recovery Cafés, each in their own town and city, creating communities of healing and belonging.” The new Cafés are situated in communities from Maine to Florida to Washington and Indiana:

  • Recovery Café Greensboro – Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Recovery Café Louisville –  Louisville, Kentucky
  • Recovery Café Mason County – Shelton, Washington
  • Recovery Café Skagit – Mount Vernon, Washington
  • Recovery Café South Bend – South Bend, Indiana
  • Recovery Café Sullivan – Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Recovery Wellness Café – Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
  • The Recovery Café C.A.R.E. Center – Palatka, Florida
  • Torchlight Recovery Café – Dorchester, Massachusetts

Welcome! We are honored and delighted that we belong to each other in this new way!

To check out the locations of all 58 Cafés, visit this interactive map on our website! Click here to learn more about joining the Recovery Café Network.