From New Day to Everett: Cafés Filling the Gap

New Day Recovery Café is located on Washington’s remote San Juan Island. Ferries and small planes provide the only transportation to Friday Harbor, the island’s main hub. Services on San Juan are limited.

So, Mary, one of New Day Recovery Café’s leaders, worked diligently to find an off-island detox and treatment center for a Member of the New Day Café. She found a spot in Everett, Washington, a town of about 100,000 on the mainland, about 30 miles north of Seattle.

As it turned out, the Everett treatment center ended up not being a good fit. The Member had a rough time, and left the treatment center; he called Mary, who happened to be on vacation. He was on the streets of Everett, and vulnerable.

Mary suggested that he find the Recovery Café in Everett; she also called the Everett Café and left a message, letting them know that a Member from the New Day Recovery Café was likely on his way.

The Member was able to flag down a police officer to get a ride to the Café. When he arrived, he shared what he was going through. Café staff rallied around him, treated him with compassion, and offered their guidance. They were able to help place him in a men’s drug- and alcohol-free home while he waited for a bed in a treatment center that would better meet his needs.

Mary wrote, “I am so grateful . . . I was blown away by how well the Everett Café cared for this Member. I just fell to my knees in gratitude knowing that he was being cared for and was going to be okay and was safe. It really sunk in for me how Cafés are filling the gap. I feel so privileged and blessed to be a part of this movement.”