Jefferson County Recovery Café

By Heather Hanson

At Recovery Cafe Jefferson County this past year, we have all been asked the same question numerous times: When are you going to be open? 

It’s a great question. Our neighbors want the answer because they’re excited about what Recovery Cafe will mean for them, for their families & neighbors, and for our broader community. We bought the building that will be our future home in June of 2019 and construction is in progress as I write this.

We know how important it is that folks receive the right messages when they walk in our doors. You matter. This is for you. You deserve this. How do we communicate those messages, in ways large and small? We’ll continue to strive for better answers to that question for as long as we are operating. We know that a huge and important way is the design of our space: it will be beautiful.

As autumn creeped up and plans were drawn and permits applied for, and as our small mighty team faced hurdle after hurdle, our hoped-for opening day shifted from October to January to April. Some of us were concerned about the tremendous joy & excitement that we’ve seen in our community diminishing as the date was pushed further and further into the future.

Meanwhile, our community began to build itself. Why don’t we try out holding a recovery circle in another space for now? Why don’t we indeed? That circle is now a crucial part of the week for twelve people. One enthusiastic volunteer organizes a potluck once per month where other volunteers, staff, and future members gather and share a meal, songs, and (once!) show off their freestyle rapping skills. Volunteers show up ready to chip in at the work site. We’re hosting a 30-hour training in which 17 people are becoming certified Recovery Coaches. The excitement isn’t diminishing; it’s growing.

We hope and fully expect that when our doors finally open, this community will drop in as if it has always been there, ready to welcome new members home.