Alex Welch

Alex Welch serves as Senior Engagement Manager for the Network. Before joining the team in November 2021, she earned her Master of Public Health in Health Policy & Law from Boston University’s School of Public Health and has worked in community engagement, policy, and program implementation settings. They were raised and lived in Massachusetts until […]

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ashley propes

Ashley Green

Ashley Green is the Recovery Café Network’s Director. She first joined the team in 2018 as Recovery Café Network (RCN) Coordinator and helped the RCN grow into what it is today. She has walked alongside Cafés from across the Network, through initial recruitment to becoming established members. She coordinated RCN events and trainings when they […]

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Skye Stuart

Skye Stuart is the Director of Finance & Administration at Recovery Café Seattle. She has over 15 years of experience in financial reporting and budgeting. Prior to joining Recovery Café, she worked as a program manager on state and federal land acquisition projects and as a financial analyst managing government grants. She provides administrative support […]

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david coffey

David Coffey

David Coffey is the Executive Director of Recovery Café. He has guided Recovery Cafe’s programming with the Founders Killian Noe and Ruby Takushi for more than 12 years. David also serves as the Co-Chair of the Seattle Human Service Provider/Seattle Police Department West Precinct Forum, on the Mirabella Foundation Board, on the Fundraising committee of […]

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ruby takushi

Ruby Takushi

Ruby Takushi, Ph.D. is the Director of Programs for Recovery Café and co-founded Recovery Café with Killian Noe.  Prior to arriving in Seattle, she lived in Washington, DC and completed post-doctoral training at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital with a specialization in Group Psychotherapy.  She served on the faculty of Howard University from 1992 to 1996 during […]

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Killian Noe

Killian Noe is the Founding Director of Recovery Café. Before starting Recovery Café in 2004 with Ruby Takushi, Killian co-founded Samaritan Inns, a nonprofit in Washington, DC which provides transitional and longer-term drug- and alcohol-free, community-oriented housing for people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges. She has written about Samaritan Inns in […]

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