Recovery Café Network Launches Third Cohort to Address Addiction Epidemic


Recovery Café Network Launches Third Cohort to Address Addiction Epidemic

Washington D.C., North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon groups to start Recovery Cafés to respond to the addiction crisis damaging their local communities.


Seattle, WA: This April, the Recovery Café Network will be adding its third cohort of member organizations opening Recovery Cafés in Washington D.C., Raleigh, North Carolina; Orting, Washington; and Medford, Oregon to respond to the addiction epidemic facing their cities. Over a two-day session, taking place from April 23-24, the Recovery Café Network team will train the new Café leaders to serve people suffering from addiction, homelessness and other mental health challenges in their communities using the Recovery Café model of peer-based support.


With the addiction epidemic ravaging communities across the country and homelessness rates rising in many rural, suburban and metropolitan areas, the Recovery Café and its network of member Cafés have seen success by providing a stable community for those suffering from these challenges. In Seattle alone, the Café serves over 900 people annually. Each Recovery Café serves as a constant, long-term support system and provides access to resources like housing, social and health services, education and employment opportunities to sustain long-term recovery and prevent relapse.


“We are committed to spreading the Recovery Cafe model until healing communities of belonging become the norm in the way we respond to addiction and other mental health conditions in our country.” stated Recovery Café Founding Director Killian Noe.


During the two-day training, the new Recovery Café Network groups will learn the basics of the Café’s peer-based support model including:

  • Peer facilitated support groups called Recovery Circles
  • Providing evidence informed classes on topics such as relapse prevention, building healthy relationships, and emotional expression through art
  • How to create a welcoming and healing setting for all people to thrive
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programming to demonstrate impact
  • Creating a robust volunteer program that reduces stigma and building cross socio-economic community


Upon completion of the training, the new network locations will have the tools they need to start forming the foundation for recovery in their communities.


“The collective impact of this growing network of healing communities will over time transform thousands of lives, not just those that come through the doors of these new Recovery Cafés, but also their friends and family members,” stated David Uhl, the Recovery Café Network Director.


About Recovery Café Network & The Recovery Café Model: Recovery Café Network is a program of Recovery Café that seeks to foster long-term recovery for women and men who have been traumatized by homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges across the United States. Founded in 2004 in downtown Seattle, Recovery Café has grown to serve over 900 members annually to travel down the path of lifelong recovery. Recovery Café Network’s program is designed to equip groups to replicate the Recovery Café model to help people maintain recovery, reduce relapse and fulfill their potential. More information contact David Uhl, Recovery Café Network Director.