Recovery Café Orting Valley receives another grant!

Community meetings and partnerships have been a blessing for Recovery Café Orting Valley. After a community meeting, we were approached and asked to apply for funds to help promote the 2020 Census and partner with two other non-profits in our town. The requirements were simple, fill out the application, agree to attend three meetings, and, in our day to day operations, promote taking the 2020 Census.

Participating in this partnership and funding opportunity has allowed our Café to build stronger relationships with the Orting Valley Senior Center and the Orting Food Bank as we work together to promote our community to take the 2020 Census. It also provides opportunities for our rising members to engage with the community outside of the Café. Through this, our rising members have been afforded the opportunity to learn and improve on skills, such as communication, social media, and promotion.

Promoting the Census has provided us a great medium to discuss the impact that the Census has on us as individuals and as a community. The discussions have been very enlightening for all and lead to rich dialog. We have felt an overwhelming appreciation from our community at large for our commitment and dedication in our outreach and education. – Rena Thompson, Executive Director