Everett Recovery Café

“The Recovery Café model is beautiful in its simplicity — building a community around the principles of loving kindness, welcome, and accountability to be our best selves.”

-Wendy Grove, Founding Director of Recovery Café Everett

The Recovery Café Everett story began when its Founding Director Wendy Grove took a hiatus from her career in education and began volunteering and working at the Recovery Café Seattle. For her, the Recovery Café model brought to life the power of intentional community, which made her realize the need for a similar place in Everett, WA.

Like many parts of the country, Everett, Washington and the surrounding area have been impacted greatly by the opioid epidemic. Accidental overdoses related to opioid have spiked, leaving local governments overwhelmed. As Grove would drive down Everett Avenue every week, she would consistently see people walking with shoulders hunched, no purpose in their stride. It was clear they had no place to go. She thought, “We can do better!” 

When Grove decided to start a Recovery Café in Everett, the Seattle team assisted her in adopting the Recovery Café model – providing counsel and knowledge sharing regarding policies, website design, community engagement and fundraising. Additionally, Recovery Café Seattle helped connect the Everett location with Washington State’s Division of Behavior Health and Recovery. In 2015, Recovery Café Everett opened its doors to its local community, and when the Recovery Café Network (RCN) launched, it officially joined the Inaugural Cohort to continue learning about the Recovery Café model.