Recovery Café San Jose

“RCSJ is a place to learn how to recover from negative thoughts. A place to be around people that have been through similar situations as you. Teaches people how to show care for one another.” – Anthony J., Member at Recovery Café San Jose

Recovery Café San Jose (RCSJ) is the transformation story of how First Christian Church of San Jose, a soup kitchen and emergency shelter evolved into a healing community. Through the Recovery Café model, First Christian Church of San Jose helped transform lives of the San Jose community in ways previous programs were unable to and provided the necessary support for recovery in a city where the 5th largest homeless population in the nation resides.

Located between the towering City Hall of Silicon Valley and San Jose State University, the small congregation of First Christian Church of San Jose used its building to serve the homeless community for many years, but felt that no one was getting better. Many of the people they had grown to know and love were still experiencing homelessness, addiction, and some were even dying. Heartbroken, they visited Recovery Café Seattle to see how they might respond to the needs of their local community differently.

Today, RCSJ works collaboratively with many local partners to support Members along their recovery journey. Recently, RCSJ earned a grant from the City Housing Department to renovate their facilities – which includes a new commercial kitchen, coffee bar, additional classrooms, and more.

At RCSJ, we are truly seeing people get better. There are all kinds of stories that show how important and life-changing it is to create space intentionally focused around recovery. Café Members are being reunited with their children and families, getting promoted in their jobs, and finding ways to reach out to others and give back.