Mike Schut

Mike Schut serves as the Recovery Cafe Network’s Communications Manager. After college he volunteered for a year as a resident manager at Samaritan Inns in Washington, DC, where he first met Killian (who co-founded Samaritan Inns). He was also part of the faith community that launched Recovery Cafe Seattle. Mike has spent the majority of his career connecting spirituality and faith with caring for the Earth, at Earth Ministry and with the national Episcopal Church. While working in that field he edited/partially authored three books Simpler Living, Compassionate Life; Food and Faith; and Money and Faith. Mike lived, for the first eight years of his life, in a rural Vermont community which served people struggling with mental illness. He is excited to be working with the RCN, supporting the creation of healing communities embodying the truths that we are all loved and that authentic, caring relationships are what we all need and want, and what brings healing to our souls.