The Way of Love – A Reflection by Killian Noe

As we strive to embody what Martin Luther King Jr. called “Love-force”, welcoming individuals traumatized by homelessness, addiction, mental health challenges, racism, and other assaults on dignity, we become light houses shining in the darkness of our time. Embodying “the way of love” for our surrounding communities to witness is one significant way of confronting systemic racism.  Our larger culture needs to see love embodied.  Our larger community needs to see alternatives to systems that oppress, exclude and destroy.

How do we stay committed for the long haul to holding communities that embody the “way of love?”

I would like to offer three brief reminders.

1. We commit daily to prioritizing our own inner work, our own spiritual journey.  It’s like putting on our own oxygen mask on an airplane before helping others.
2. We continue to put our weight down in authentic community where we are both deeply known and loved and held accountable to becoming our truest selves/to living from love.
3. Whatever our role in the organization, we always find ways to stay connected to the individuals our Café serves.  These relationships transform us and will help transform our world.
With love and gratitude for each of you in the Network family,